Marketing consultant: role, skills, types of consultants

Who is a marketing consultant?

Marketing consultant role and responsibilities

  • Developing and implementing marketing strategy in accordance with the goals and the budget. A marketing consultant is responsible for creating marketing strategies or implementing existing strategies focused on achieving growth for the company’s core products and services. The specialist executes marketing strategy, measures results, and makes sure the company achieves its objectives.
  • Analyzing company’s profile and operations and providing suggestions on enhancements. Consultant studies the company to understand its marketing needs, evaluate existing marketing, including advertising, social media, and consumer reward programs, to determine their effectiveness in reaching the target audience and driving sales.
  • Conducting marketing research to determine commercial opportunities and industry trends. A marketing consultant should be able to define the target market and position the company’s products or services in the best way to convince customers to make a purchase.
  • Analyzing the competitors, their marketing, and promotional activities. The competitive analysis often includes research on competitors’ sales tactics, products, results, pricing, benefits, content strategy, strengths, and weaknesses. The analysis of competitors will help determine your competitive position in the marketplace.
  • Advising on positioning, branding, communications, and other issues. These specialists help shape the company’s brand identity or clarify and even redefine the target audience.
  • Improving customer engagement with the brand through social media. Specialized marketing consultants can focus their efforts on creating and managing social media campaigns, email campaigns, and online advertising using SEO. We discuss different types of marketing consultants later in this article.
  • Developing long-term relationships with in-house teams and external vendors. The consultant keeps the marketing department and company stakeholders updated about ongoing activities. The benefit of such long-term engagement for internal stakeholders may be that the consultant can help increase transparency into the marketing department’s operations and effectiveness. At the same time, the person stays outside of the organization, serving as an advisor to oversee and provide an independent assessment of the works.

Marketing consultant skills and background

  • Strong research skills. The professional needs to conduct market research, run competitive analysis, brand analysis, and customer persona analysis. The specialist should be able to plan and implement the research and apply the results to leverage the brand’s success.
  • Strategic planning skills. Successful implementation of the marketing strategy depends on the ability to organize marketing activities, manage the process and develop success KPIs.
  • Mastering the most essential channels. The consultant should master organic and paid marketing channels. Organic channels include various forms of content marketing activities, which help you drive customer audience through search engines, social media, or earned media placements. Paid channels require you to pay for them to receive the needed visibility, such as paid social (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and PPC advertising in search engines. Moreover, there are several additional channels, such as video marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing, which can be both organic and paid depending on the approach you choose.
  • Leadership skills. The candidate needs to work in a team and maintain communication at all levels — with stakeholders, internal departments, and colleagues.
  • Technical skills. The ability to provide digital marketing consultation involves the experience in working with the platforms including social media, such as Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin, search engine ads, such as Google, and multiple analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Google Seach Console, Ahrefs, Semrush and many more. The consultant skill set should also include expertise in CRMs, CMSs, and marketing automation clouds.
  • Ability to listen and empathize. These skills are often overlooked. However, the ability to hear helps understand the client’s current situation, challenges, and goals better. It is essential to empathize with the clients to provide the right insights.

Types of marketing consultants

Digital/online marketing consultant

Inbound and content marketing consultant

Search engine marketing consultant

Social media marketing consultant

Marketing automation consultant

Marketing strategy consultant

When do you need a marketing consultant?

Assistance in business growth

Fresh perspective

Guidance on digital advertising



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