What is a video producer: responsibilities and skills

What is a video producer?

What does a video producer do?

Project management



Location scouting

Content production

Coordination of the filming process


Video producer skills and background

  • time management and organizational skills to meet deadlines;
  • leadership, excellent communication, and interpersonal skills to supervise the team;
  • aesthetic and creative skills;
  • problem-solving, analytical, and decision-making skills to make business judgments;
  • flair for storytelling and the ability to identify inspiring stories;
  • technical skills in video and audio to work with a range of video equipment, cameras, location lighting, and microphones;
  • skills in digital video editing and video compression;
  • experience in motion design, visual effects, and graphic design;
  • social media marketing skills;
  • profound understanding of public preferences in media and entertainment.

Video producer salary

How to hire a video producer?



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